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"Saved" Baby Patrick

(born in 2009)

Little Patrick's mother Jessica was only 14. She simply thought that there was no way she could keep her baby and abortion seemed to be her only choice. Then her godmother found us on the Internet and arranged for the both of them to visit our shelter in Ramsey, NJ. The next week Jessica moved into our home for unwed mothers and six months later her son was born. She is now 15, attending school, seeing her godmother and her young boyfriend too, as she attends our chastity workshops, motherhood training and even cooking classes.

Mother in Hand

Questions & Answers On Abortions

Dear Lifecall Friends,

Over the last 16 years we have been asked to make presentations to young people at schools and in various youth groups. During these presentations certain questions about abortion seem to be frequently be asked. We hope this section will help to share with you some of our Several Sources philosophy which we base on God's Laws about this most difficult topic.

  • Your Sister in Christ Jesus,
  • Kathy DiFiore
  • Founder

Q: Why is abortion so wrong?

Saved Baby Christopher - 1/24/89

A: Why is life so right? Why do we celebrate the birth of our children? Why do we mourn the death of our friends? Abortion is the murder of a preborn child. How can this be right?

Q: How does God feel about a woman who has had an abortion?

A: If you are to pray to God in all earnestness before you have an abortion, if you are to open your heart and mind to His words of love, of wisdom and of hope for the whole human race before you have an abortion, then you shall come to know His Spirit. More importantly, you must ask how does God feel about the murder of innocent children.

Q: What if a young girl is forced to have an abortion by her parents? It's not really her fault that she had one. Is God mad?

Saved Baby Antonia 10/9/95

A: If one is forced to commit murder against their will, what shall the Lord's judgement be? His question unto the mother shall be, "If you refused to take the life of your preborn child, what would the consequences have been to you in this world?" And then He shall weigh your actions in the balance.

Q: If abortion is so wrong, why does not God just stop it?

A: How shall He do so? By His words, or by His actions? For His words are already here. And His actions have already been performed. You must read your books of the Bibles and learn of His words and of His acts.

Q: Sometimes a girl does not want an abortion but her boyfriend says she has to do it. What does God think of that situation?

Saved Baby Liza 6/22/88

A: The Lord shall know of all those who lead others into sin. For He has said, "Better a millstone be attached unto them and they be cast unto the sea." In the next life each and every soul shall answer to the Lord God of Heaven for their actions in this world.

Q: Why should we bring a child into this world that won't be loved by his/her mother?

A: Should a preborn child suffer mutilation and death because its mother is an unloving person? Who is to say that the mother shall not, if she seeks God's Wisdom come to love her child?

Q: What about child abuse? Doesn't abortion solve that problem?

A: It might solve it for the parents but is not the murder of a preborn child the ultimate in the abuse of a child?

Q: What about abortion in a rape case?

Saved Baby Mary Francis 7/20/95

A: Do two wrongs make a right? Rape is a crime, so is abortion. One in a legal sense, the other in the spiritual sense. Should a preborn child reap the punishment for the crime against the mother?

Q: I shall feel anguish at giving my preborn child up for adoption, can you please help me?

A: We understand your grief in the giving up of your child. But we rejoice that you have decided to spare your child's life. We sympathize with you in this most difficult time and in this decision that you must make. We encourage you to have your child and give it life. If you decide to give it up for adoption, this is your decision and yours alone. Abortion may sometimes seem the easy alternative because you may not have seen your baby and held it. But in a mother's heart she must know that she will bear the guilt of murder all her days. What "anguish" as you say will surpass this emotion?

Q: Why do prolife people try to stop you from having an abortion? Does not a person have a right to privacy and her own opinion?

A: In this world all shall have a free choice as to their actions. In the next life, they will answer to God. He will ask as to the privacy that you mention, "My child, why do you seek to hide your shame and your sin unto the shadows?" Therefore came unto this world the Son of God to dispel the shadows. "Why is it that the birth of a child is announced in the newspapers? How is it that the names of the parents of an aborted child are not published in the local newspaper? Is it your privacy or your shame that you protect and conceal? The Lord God of Heaven sees into your heart and knows the answer. Please pray and look into His Heart, for He offers eternal salvation to you."

Q: Why is abortion not mentioned in the bible?

Saved Babys Kay and May 3/1/87

A: Can you list all those things which shall take another's life which are not mentioned in the Bible? Here are seven of them: 1. Drunken Driving 2. Nuclear War 3. Arson 4. Genocide 5. Shooting 6. Drugs 7. Abortion. Are all these things not covered in the Lord's Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill"?

Q: I don't think I have the right to tell anyone what is morally right with respect to abortion. Do you agree?

A: We neither agree or disagree with what you feel is your right. However we would ask that you listen to what we have to say about the Law of God.

Q: How does God feel about people who perform abortions? Are they not really worse than the woman who has an abortion?

Saved Baby Monique 12/9/94

A: It is the Lord's feeling and the Lord's belief that those who commit murder, knowingly and with pre-meditation, shall discuss amongst each other, who has the greatest guilt as they burn together in the eternal fires of hell. For His Law and His Commandments unto us is, "Thou Shalt Not Kill". It must be our feeling and our belief that this is His Law now and for all eternity.

Q: Do you advocate the criminalization of abortion? Wouldn't this increase the incidents of unsterile, dangerous, homemade backstreet abortions?

A: When you speak of criminalization you are speaking in the legal sense. On this earth man may have the power to create laws. But we believe God created man and that God has created His own set of laws. These laws are His Ten Commandments. Man on this earth shall always have a choice as to whether he shall obey God's laws or not. And God in the next life shall have a choice as to the judgement of man's eternal soul.

Q: There are many people on welfare today, people living off the government. Is not abortion a solution to that problem?

A: It would not be our solution, but follow your logic one step further and ask wouldn't murdering all the females on welfare be the "final solution"?

Q: There are 17 year old girls in this town who have had babies and kept them. What kind of a life is that for a girl?

Saved Baby Claudia 12/16/94

A: If a 17 year old girl has decided to give the gift of life to her preborn child, then she has made her decision and she shall judge her own life, and the Lord shall judge her soul in the next.

Q: Unwanted, uneducated, unloved children become criminals and fill our jails. Why should we not allow abortion to solve these problems?

A: Why not let love, education and compassion solve these problems?

Q: I don't believe in abortion myself, but I think people should be given the freedom of choice to have an abortion or not. I'm pro-choice. What is wrong with that?

A: Several Sources is also pro-choice as to what an expectant mother should do. It is our sincere wish that she should give life to her child, even as her mother decided to give her life. It is a curious fact that all of us on this earth are here because our own mothers decided to give us life. What is wrong with that?

Q: You say "abortion is murder". I don't like hearing that because it sounds like you are saying anyone who has an abortion is a murderer. Is that true?

Saved Baby Lisa 4/11/85

A: If abortion is not murder, then what is it? If the taking of a life is not murder, then what is it? God has said, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." If abortion is not killing, then what is it? that you do not like to hear yourself called a murderer is understandable. But is it not better, if you are called a murderer, before an abortion rather than after? Perhaps you will change your mind, and give your preborn child life?

Q: Why should we allow children to be born to people who can't afford to give children a proper education?

A: If being guaranteed a "proper" education is to be a prerequisite for a preborn child to escape being murdered, then perhaps the child's mother is the one who requires a proper education. For she is the one who carries the child within her. Several Sources shall attempt to educate her as to the Word of God.

Q: What if you know the baby will be born sick?

A: If becoming ill or if being told that you will become ill or sick gives someone a right to kill you, then you would say the law is wrong. Can't you have the same compassion for a preborn child? For surely there will be someone in this world who will love and care for it.

Q: Won't having a baby upset a girl's future plans?

A: Perhaps, but think about how being murdered will upset a preborn child's future plans. Can't an expectant mother sacrifice a few months of her life to give her preborn child's future plans. Can't an expectant mother sacrifice a few months of her life to give her preborn child a chance to life?

Q: What about aborting someone like Hitler? Wouldn't that be a good idea?

A: Hitler was born into this world and found many here who helped put his politics into effect. They also believed in murder being the "final solution" to the problems of this world as they saw them. Do you agree with Hitler's philosophy?

Q: Look at the people who live in the slum areas of New York City. People who have 10 kids and can't afford them. Should we not have abortions available for these situations?

Saved Baby Nicholas 6/13/96

A: The law has decided that abortion is available upon request. This is man's law. Each country on this earth, each city and town in this country has its own laws. There are thousands of man-made laws on earth. But God gave us Ten Commandments. Mankind in its attempt to bring order to this world has created thousands of laws. God in order to help us to live on this earth has given us laws. We will always have a choce in this world as to whose law we shall obey. God's or man's?

Q: Why are some church leaders against abortion and others say it's okay?

A: The churches of this world say and do as it pleases them. The Lord God of Heaven shall say and do as is His Divine Right. He has said unto Moses upon the Mountain of Sinai, "These are my Commandments unto My people of Israel." They were inscribed in stone so as their meaning should not be changed either in this world or in the world to come. The Commandments of the Lord have been given to us by God Himself. This is His eternal and Divine command to us all: "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Q: People tell me that I have no right to impose my opinion on my neighbor regarding abortion.

A: As Jesus once asked, "Who is thy neighbor?" Is it one who resides near us? Or is it all mankind? You will remember the story of the Good Samaritan. He did not know the one he helped. Nor was he asked for help. He only did that which he felt was the Will of God. So also shall those who oppose abortion do likewise. Which is to uphold and to try to teach the Commandment of the Lord, "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Q: People tell me that these children are a burden on our tax rolls.

A: As regards taxation, Jesus was once asked, "Is it lawful to pay tribute (taxes) to Caesar?" His answer was, "Who's superscription (picture) appears on this coin?" When He was told, "Caesar's", He said, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God, the things that are God's" Even so Jesus would say to us today, "Do you justify murder because of money? Do you justify wickedness and the breaking of God's Commandment because of money?" Jesus said, "You cannot serve Mammon (money) and God. You must love one and hate the other." Anyone who espouses cost over concern for life. Anyone who puts price before pity for the preborn. Anyone who counts the coins in his hands and puts more value on them, than on a life within a mother's womb, has passed a spiritual sentence upon himself. And this shall be that he has chosen to love money and hate God.