Featured Saved Baby

featured baby

"Saved" Baby Maria

(born in 2009)

Baby Maria's great grandmother saved her when she was only three months in her mother's womb. Her mother was homeless in Utah and while her grandmother thought abortion was the best solution, her grandmother searched and found us on the Internet. Once she found us and we interviewed Maria's teen mother over the phone, her great grandmother paid for an airplane ticket to NJ. Now six months later, "saved" baby Maria is born, her mother is in college for a career in the medical field and her great-grandmother is also her god mother because baby Maria was baptized three weeks ago!

Mother in Hand

Adoption is an Option

Dear LifeCall Friends,

Over the years as the Founder of the Several Sources Shelters for pregnant women, I have had the opportunity to meet several young pregnant women who thought that they might choose to have their child placed for adoption. In this section of our website we will attempt to explain the various aspects of adoption which you or someone you know might wish to consider when thinking about an unplanned pregnancy. We will share the views of women who have given their child up for adoption, children who were adopted and parents who adopted their child. We hope this will help to explain this very beautiful, loving and selfless choice which many young women have made for the child to whom they gave the gift of life.

  • Your Sister in Christ Jesus,
  • Kathy DiFiore
  • Founder, Several Sources Shelters
  • Did you know that Moses was adopted?
  • His Hebrew Birth Mother Levi,
  • to protect him from harm, thought of a plan
  • to have Moses adopted by the Pharaoh's daughter.
  • Read Exodus Chapter 2, Verses 7-10