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"Saved" Baby Jonathan

(born November 11, 2009)

Jonathan's 18 year old mother found out about our shelter when her baby's father found us in the yellow pages. We told her to get a cab and come for an interview. She was accepted and moved in the next day. Now she has gone from being homeless to having a healthy, handsome son and being a freshman in college. Go to the pages on this website that list Shelters by state and Crisis Pregnancy Centers. There are many people who want to help you too!

Mother in Hand

E-Mail: Chastity

Choosing Chastity

Excerpt: What exactly is Chastity? And how can I still be a virgin if I have had sex? I will consider this if you explain it to me, because I really am trying to straighten my life out now.

Lifecall Reply: I consider it a great blessing to have you ask, "What exactly is chastity?". I am sure you have heard of abstinence, which means not having sex until marriage. Right? Well, chastity is not just that, but much much more.

Chastity means that a person wants with God's help to be pure in everything they do. Pure in thought, word and deed. That means trying not to swear, to think nasty thoughts, and trying not to do anything that God would not approve of. Now this is impossible to do without God's Divine Help. So, Chastity means asking God to be a part of everything you do. Chastity means praying and asking God to guide you all the time. Chastity means having a permanent spiritual high by trying to be connected to God and what He would want you to do in your everyday life.

Virginity is a physical thing, but Chastity is a spiritual as well as physical thing. Your spirit is as pure and beautiful as you want it to be. No one can take your hour-to-hour purity of mind, heart, and soul away from you. So, starting today you can say "I will never have sex again until I am married. I will do this to keep myself pure, clean, and special for my future husband; and this will be my very special gift to him on my wedding night." You might have wanted to be a virgin with no sexual experience at all until you were married, but why not begin right now? Ask God to help and guide you. Think about it! Don't you feel special just thinking about it? Ask God to come into your heart and help you feel His Love and Companionship. He will take up a special place in your heart and stay there through all the days of your life.

Excerpt: I need to know something about chastity.

If I have already lost my virginity, but are no longer active with that person, can I still sign a slip for chastity, making a promise to never do it again before I am married? I neeeeeeed to know immediately. Please write back.

Lifecall Reply: You can always choose chastity, even if you have lost your virginity. Chastity can be lived at any time during your life. We have a chastity kit I would like to send you free of charge. Please send us an address.

Chastity is so very important to God. He will help you to resist temptation .... all you have to do is ask it of Him. Pray!!!

If you are dating a guy right now, pray with him. Let him know your desire to remain chaste until you are married. Let him know you want to be pure for your future husband.

Just think of it.... if you don't live a chaste life, well, how many guys will you sleep with before you are married?? And chastity really brings you closer to God, who can inspire you in all the difficulties you will face each day. No worries about will he call you in the morning, no worries about sexually transmitted diseases, or an unplanned pregnancy.

I hope this little email might help and inspire you. Write me back if you have any questions or would like our free chastity kit. We also have a CD-ROM game that deals with chastity called The Choice GameTM and we will be happy to send it to you too.

God bless.

Excerpt: Where can I get a chastity ring?

It was amazing to find a site like yours that encourages people to make such an important decision. I am a 17-year-old male, and the idea of chastity has always been a subject very dear to me.

I do not know how I came to cherish chastity but I always hoped it had been the Lord's calling for me to do so. I do have my weak times when I am tempted to escape my decision, but I always rejoice that the Lord has brought me back every time with His direct intervention. I look for ways to make the chaste road easier.

I have come to relish the idea of a chastity ring and am looking for something I can wear to remind me of my commitment. I know it is only for women, but I am hoping I can find something.

Lifecall Reply: You will never know how blessed we are to have your wonderful email. We do have a male chastity ring that we will be posting on our website. In the meantime, you can go to a Christian store and select a ring of your choosing that will come to symbolize your blessed and holy desire to remain chaste until you are married.

The key is to ask God to bless and protect your thoughts, words and actions throughout all your life. You wear the ring on the third finger of your left hand, the traditional 'ring' finger for your future wedding ring. This becomes a symbol and reminder of your belief.

You are not alone in your masculine beliefs. One young man went shopping with his father for his chastity ring. As time passed the ring wore out, and he went shopping again with his father to buy another ring. He is now 23, been engaged once and it didn't work out, but he still has his chastity ring and his chastity virtue to give to his future wife someday.

Have you thought about having the ring blessed by your pastor? A blessing is a way to say, "this is a different item, and it is holy and special".

Excerpt: My boyfriend came over and his best friend and there was a lot of people over here. Me and my boyfriend are waiting for sex. He is still a virgin and even though I'm not I think it should wait. We have been going out soon to be 3 months. My other boyfriend I was with a while ago we were together for 5 months and thing just didn't seem to work out. We started having sex after 2 months of going out and it screwed our relationship all to hell if you know what I mean. I still love him and worry about him but everything was always about sex and I couldn't handle that I'm too young to have a child. I know but he was trying to get me pregnant, I think.

Well, anyways, thanks for all your help. I will keep you posted on how the P.T came out ok.? Oh, and you know how I told you about my 16 year old friend who is pregnant? Well she called me yesterday and told me she is having twins. Not exactly what she wanted but she said as long as I'm there to help her out she will be just fine. Well anyways talk to you later and thank you so much!!

Lifecall Reply: I'm so glad you and your boyfriend are waiting until you are married to have sex. That is what God would want for you and He will bless you both for your decision. Keep close to Him through praying together. Ask Him to give you the strength to wait. We are a saying around the shelters, "True love wait for marriage." And we have another saying, "Marriage takes three" meaning you, your husband and God !!!

Have you visited our chastity website? Chastity..... Abstinence .... and Dating!!!

It has a lot of good ideas on how to remain pure in mind, body and spirit. We also have a chastity kit that I would like to send you. Would you like me to? It has lots of good reading materials and items to help you through temptation.

Keep me posted on how you are doing with your girl friend who might be pregnant. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help her. God bless.

Excerpt: I have really good news. I didn't end up going to the doctor, but I did get my period. I talked with my mom anyway, even though I am not pregnant. I am so glad I did. She was so understanding of my situation. I seriously have to thank you for my courage.

I know you probably think that you didn't do much, but your email helped me so much. I knew someone was there for me and I am thankful for people like you. You are wonderful.

Lifecall Reply: I am so happy to hear you are not pregnant after all, and it is good you and your Mom are talking.

Now there is a question to ask you. Will you now try to change your lifestyle and take a vow of Second Hand Virginity? I do not know if you would ever consider this but you can do it with God's help. We would be happy to send you a Chastity kit if you will send me your address. I am sure your mom would be delighted to have you receive it.

Please consider saving yourself for your wedding night. Read through the websites, http://www.chastitycall.org, http://www.thechoicegame.com,and think about what other young people are experiencing as they change their lifestyles back to virginity.

If a man truly loves you he will respect wishes to wait until your wedding night, and you will be free of worrying about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and you will have a newfound self-respect.

You will need God to do this. His Strength and Guidance will be necessary to get you through. The temptations of the world are very great indeed but you do not have to yield to them. Think about it, don't you feel special just thinking about it? Hold on for one special minute and ask God to come into your heart and help you feel His Love and Companionship. He will take up a special place in your heart and stay there to help you through all the days of your life. The Holy Scriptures tells us that we are His Temple. Yes, we are to be the very place where God's Holy Spirit wants to live with us to help us through every one of the daily challenges we face. He loves us very much. God bless you.