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"Saved" Baby Jonathan

(born November 11, 2009)

Jonathan's 18 year old mother found out about our shelter when her baby's father found us in the yellow pages. We told her to get a cab and come for an interview. She was accepted and moved in the next day. Now she has gone from being homeless to having a healthy, handsome son and being a freshman in college. Go to the pages on this website that list Shelters by state and Crisis Pregnancy Centers. There are many people who want to help you too!

Mother in Hand

E-Mail: Finances and Responsibility

Financial Trouble

Excerpt: I am 19 years old and a freshman in college. I found out I am 3 months pregnant. I do not believe in abortion however, my mother feels she is not ready for the financial burden of bringing a new life into the household. I do not have her support, in fact she wants me out of the house if I decide to keep my baby. She wants me to terminate the pregnancy.

The baby's father was killed shortly after it was conceived so he cannot help me. There is no doubt in my mind he would have struggled to make it work without an abortion.

What options are available to me? Are there programs that could provide or help pay for babysitting while I work? What about medical insurance and formula for my baby? I feel like I am running out of time in a decision that will affect the rest of my life. I'm trying to find out what is available to see if I can make it on my own. I hope you have some advice for me.

Lifecall Reply: No matter what the problem, your baby is your baby. If you abort your child you will be sending it to God before it's time. Your child is alive and here now and God has a plan for your baby and for you too.

As for medical support, you can sign up for Medicaid. There are programs that would pay for babysitting now. You would have to check with your local Social Services for details. Where are you located? Maybe you could stay with us at our shelter and we would be able to help you get on your feet.

I just know that after this baby is born your mother will be grateful that you decided to give birth to her grandchild. In 20 years I have never seen it fail. All Grandmothers love their grandchild. This is a hard time and it seems you are all alone, but you are not. You have God on your side. Pray for His help. Give me more details so we can help you.

Excerpt: I am pregnant and in and out of the hospital. I am having trouble carrying the baby and working. Is there any kind of work for pregnant women? I have heard of work at home jobs, but don't know how to find them.

Lifecall Reply: f you have Internet access, you can try searching the Internet for work at home jobs. You can try using search engines like Yahoo and enter work at home, telecommute jobs, home employment. How about a daycare service? There are plenty of women who need daytime sitters. Check the yellow pages for a Women's Center in your area and call to see if they can give you some ideas. Check local bulletin boards, check with your local library. Even Wal-Marts and grocery stores have boards where people post ads. Call your local unemployment office and tell them what you need. Ask if they have any openings or if they can direct you to employers that hire home workers.

Excerpt: am not a teenager, thankfully. I'm 30 years old and seven months pregnant. Every month that goes by I keep looking for a way to get out of the situation that I am in.

The baby 's father wanted to get me pregnant but doesn't want any of the responsibility of this. He gets worse as the months go by and I do not want to bring my child up in such a sad environment. I worked for the baby's father and once I started to have problems with this pregnancy I had to leave work with no compensation and use up all of my money that was in savings. I ran out of funds and reluctantly moved in with him.

The situation is terrible and I have tried to contact different organizations but they usually cater to women who are beaten or on drugs - both do not apply to me. I have an eleven-year-old son who is going through this as well. I am so sorry to have made such a mistake. I waited for over ten years to have a child. I waited because I wanted to be able to provide the baby with a loving supportive family, not raise another child on my own. I am faced with this, which is ok, but I need an outlet to this particular situation.

If you could please help me, I am finally feeling better thank God and would like to go to work but I am not successful at finding employment due to the fact that I am so far along with this baby. I have contacted the welfare office and shelters there must be a better way! Please if you could let me know of anything that may help.Thank you.

Lifecall Reply: First and Foremost.... God bless you for not aborting this baby. He will help you through this troubled time. Keep Him in your heart and pray throughout the day. He will guide you and strength you. All you have to do is ask it of Him.

How are you feeling physically? It sounds as if most all the problems you face are of emotional and financial support and not physical. Are you seeing a doctor? I'm sure you are but wanted to ask. If I understand you correctly, you are now living with your 11-year-old son at the home of your preborn child's father. Is that correct? But he is not very supportive.... am I correct in this too? You say the situation is terrible. I assume its emotionally draining and not physically a violent situation. You mention that you have checked out shelters but they are for drug or violence situations. Could you please email me your zip code and telephone area code. I have two directories that might be of help in locating a pregnancy-based support system, which might include sheltering. And... just to be sure.... your 11-year-old son is living with you, correct?

By any chance have you gone into our shelter directory on our home page? There is a place to locate shelters in your home state and hopefully you will see some contacts.

Check it out and make as many phone calls as possible. Talk to as many people as you can. Prolifers have lots of contacts and hopefully will be a help in your area. Another idea is to contact local Catholic Churches and see what support systems they might have. You don't have to be Catholic. All you would have to say is, "I know that the Catholic Church is against abortion. Could you please help me? "

As hard as things are.... know that God loves you for giving this child a chance to live. He will always be there for you and send you the people and resources you need to have this baby. Please turn to Him in prayer. I am hoping to hear from you again soon. I know you must feel so alone and desperate at times. Well, please know that you now have at least one new friend. Write me back soon and add me to your buddy list. Hopefully in time we can IM each other. I would very much like to be able to "chat" with you. God bless.

Excerpt: I am a 22-year-old female and I just found out today that I am pregnant. I really don't know what to do. I am not financially secure and not secure in my relationship with the guy who is the father.

I really don't know what to do but I know I do not want to have an abortion. But once I tell my parents I will have no place to go and I don't know what to do. They hate my boyfriend and would not accept this child.

I was pregnant once two years ago and I waited till I was 5 months to tell my parents cause I was scared and when I finally told them, they said have an abortion or get out. After a lot of emotional manipulation I had an abortion and it was the most physically and emotionally painful thing I have ever gone through and I don't think I can go through that again. But with my situation being what it is, I don't know what else I can do. Any information or help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Lifecall Reply: I am so happy you decided to write to me. One thing is for sure, you should not abort this baby. You already have been through an abortion and at 5 months, you just know that it is wrong. You know it through actual experience and trauma. The good news is that we are in NJ. I don't know where in Central NJ you are but we have four shelters. Is there any way that you might be able to come for an face-to-face interview? You know you are pregnant and that you need a plan to be in place before you tell your parents. Did you also know that NJ probably has more shelters than any other state providing alternatives to abortion? We have a shelter directory on our home page, just enter the state of NJ and see what you can find. Maybe there is one closer to you.

Also, I would greatly appreciate an address to send out our hotline kit for pregnant women. Can you please send me one? The kit has lots and lots of information including two videos. Maybe it is something you can show your parents and it might soften their hearts too.

How is your relationship with God? I mean ..... well, do you pray? Is He a part of your life? This is most definitely a time to turn to Him. He loves you and your child. He worries about you both. Speak to Him in your daily moments of fear and doubts. He will comfort you and guide you. No matter what you have done in the past, He will always love you, I hope you will write back to me. I will be checking my emails, and add me to your buddy list ... maybe we can IM each other some time this week. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I will be thinking about you, praying for you, and hoping this little email somehow helps you to feel a little better. Just know you have found a friend.