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"Saved" Baby Jonathan

(born November 11, 2009)

Jonathan's 18 year old mother found out about our shelter when her baby's father found us in the yellow pages. We told her to get a cab and come for an interview. She was accepted and moved in the next day. Now she has gone from being homeless to having a healthy, handsome son and being a freshman in college. Go to the pages on this website that list Shelters by state and Crisis Pregnancy Centers. There are many people who want to help you too!

Mother in Hand

E-Mail: I'm Pregnant, Help!

I Think I'm Pregnant

Excerpt: I need advice. My mother is already trying to raise me (age 17) and a 14-year-old sister and having trouble at that. I think there is a very good chance I am pregnant. I am soooooooo scared but also feel bad.

I dropped out of school not to long ago and am working a part-time job. I've been trying to work two jobs, but it is hard. My mom has trouble even paying the bills. I am so against abortion and not really that fond of adoption either. I just think that if you are responsible enough to get pregnant, you need to be responsible enough to raise your own child. It's soooo hard and I'm sooo scared. Two of my close friends have babies and one got kicked out of the house with no place to live. I don't know what to do. I don't want that to happen to me. Please! Please help me!

Lifecall Reply: Certainly I will try to help you. But how do we know that you are pregnant? Have you taken a home pregnancy test? You could go to the drugstore and buy one. It is a simple test of placing urine on a spot and you will get an indicator of positive or negative.

In the meantime, I am sure God is pleased with your prolife beliefs that a preborn child should get a chance to be born. His commandment is "Thou Shalt Not Kill", and that includes our preborn children. Have you read our letters: Mom, I'm Pregnant. If not, please do and you will learn a bit on how others have told their parents.

What about the baby's father? Assuming you are pregnant, does he know? Does he know you are even worried about being pregnant? You know, sex is a special gift from God meant to be saved for the sacrament of marriage. Let's hope you are not pregnant and that in time we can work together about the virtue of chastity. For now, know that God loves you and wants to help you through this troubled time. Pray to Him, let Him help you, He will send His Most Holy Spirit to you, to guide you and strengthen you, all you have to do is ask Him.

If you would send your address, we will be happy to send you our Hotline Kit and a home pregnancy test, free of charge. We can even send it to another address if you like.

Excerpt: I'm 16 and not sure if I am pregnant or not. I do know that if I am... my mom said if I ever got pregnant I would have to move out. My boyfriend is 19 and still lives with his mom. He says my mom won't kick me out, but I know she will. My main thing is, if I am pregnant and I get kicked out, where will I go? How will I pay for such an expensive hospital bill? If you have any answers I would appreciate it.

Lifecall Reply: First of all, thank you for writing and please know that I will try to help. How do you feel? Do you feel like you want to throw up when you get up in the morning? Are your breasts tender? Have you considered buying a home pregnancy test and taking it to see if it is positive or negative? You can purchase one at your local drugstore. We would like to send you one, free of charge, and our Hotline Kit too. This way you can take the test and at the same time look at some very important information about pregnancy. Of course we would need a mailing address. Maybe we could send it to your boyfriend's house?

In the meanwhile, please know that God loves you and will help you through this troubled time, all you have to do is ask Him. Pray to Him throughout the day, and let Him know how much you need His help. You know that sex is supposed to be saved for marriage, and now you understand one of the reasons why. Creation of a child is really meant for the sacrament of marriage. But, God is always ready to help His children especially if helping means a baby's life can be saved. Also, there are lots of places where you can get the help you need if you are pregnant. Please let me know at least what city and state you are in and we can email you some information.

Excerpt: I am 14 years old. I don't really keep track of my menstrual cycle but I was due, and it skipped. I know something has to be wrong. I know I must be pregnant. I need someone to talk to me... and your website helped a lot. I needed to hear that I may not be the only one going through this. I haven't even taken a pregnancy test and I am terrified. My boyfriend is very mature and understanding about this too. But he doesn't know much on the subject. I just need for someone to fill me in on more than I already know... Is there any way YOU can help me?

Lifecall Reply: I am sorry to see how frightened you are, and can only imagine how you feel. How can I help? Well, first and foremost, you must know that God would want you to give birth to this baby if, in fact, you are pregnant. God views abortion as murder. His law is "Thou Shalt not kill." Having said that, let me offer some help. Can I send you a home pregnancy test? You are probably too frightened to go into a drug store and buy one. At least you can test yourself and see if in fact you are pregnant.

If you find that you are pregnant there is help available for you. I for one will be there for you... really....I check my emails several times a day and I have been helping pregnant women for almost 20 years. You know I run five shelters for unwed mothers and homeless women. Believe me, there is help available for you. But take it one day at a time......we don't know if you are pregnant.

I have two questions.

1. Do you feel like you have to throw up when you get up in the morning?

2. Do your breasts feel tender... you know, sore to the touch?

These are two key symptoms of pregnancy.

What is your prayer life like? Do you spend any time talking to God? He loves you and wants to help you through everyday of your life. Particularly now, when you are so worried. He longs to hear your voice in prayer to Him. He loves you and will help you. Pray often and ask Him to strengthen and inspire you. He will if you ask it of Him. I don't know if you have looked at our Table of Contents but here are some links to our inner workings of our website:

Diary of a Preborn

Mom I'm Pregnant

Questions and Answers on Abortion

Letters from Mothers

Women Who Chose Abortion

Send me your address and if you include your phone number... we can send the package express mail. If not, we will just send it in a plain brown envelope first class. I would include literature about our foundation. If for any reason anyone finds our envelope, you could just say you were working on a school project on teen pregnancy and you found us on the Internet. Please write me often. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers.

Excerpt: I'm 14 and I think I'm pregnant! :(! I'm so scared I don't know what to do. I'm so scared my parents will kill me!! I don't know what to do I keep praying and I haven't told anyone except my best friend. Please help me!!!!

Lifecall Reply: Thanks for writing me. I'm so glad you did. First let's find out if you are in fact pregnant. Would you like us to send you a free home pregnancy test? We can do that.

If you are pregnant, you will have to be determined in your own mind and heart to fight for the life of your child. The first thing you have to do is pray very hard for God to guide and direct you and help you. I again am hoping that we can do this for you. Maybe what you need is a plan. If you are pregnant, what will your parents do? Will they allow you to have this child? It sounds like that is not the case. But if you are pregnant, we will work together to help you to have this baby.

Now... what state, what city do you live in? You need a support system and hopefully we can find someone closer to you. Also, do you have an aunt or teacher or neighbor who is older who might stand beside you and help you to tell your parents if you are pregnant? Tell me more about yourself, your boyfriend, and your parents. I wish I had a dime for every time a young women told me her parents would kill her if they found out that she was in fact pregnant. Parents get mad and upset and very angry, but they, in time, learn to adjust and even, well.. believe it or not, love their grandchild.

I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Again, I promise to help you. You will not have to face this alone. Write me again soon. OK? And if you send me an address I will send you the home pregnancy test and a book. I will be praying for you and thinking about you all the time. Maybe you can add me to your buddy list and some time soon when I am online you will be online and we can IM each other. OK? God bless

Excerpt: I'm only 14 years old and I think I'm pregnant. The maybe baby's dad says I should get an abortion but I don't want to. I lied to him and told him if I were I'd get an abortion just to make him happy. In a way he's right because were both only 14 but we made the choice to have sex at a young age then we should take the consequences. I'm really scared and feel alone if you can just write back to me as soon as possible I'd be so happy.

Lifecall Reply: If you just don't do anything your baby will live. That is really the simple truth. If you have an abortion, you will allow an abortionist to destroy your child and you will always regret and never forget your decision. But beyond all this you will be disobeying God's commandment of "Thou Shalt Not Kill." So you understand that in reality that a tiny little baby is completely dependent on your kindness and love.

Please always remember that you and only you can decide what is going to happen to your baby. God bless you in your decision-making. Please remember to pray to Him for His guidance and inspiration. He will strengthen you to have this baby. This is your life. I will be praying for you and hoping to hear from you soon. God bless, don't worry everything will be ok. We will help you... I promise. And tell your boyfriend to just chill out. You'll see. By the way where do you live, just the town and state? We have lots of help out there for you. You'll see. God bless