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"Saved" Baby Jonathan

(born November 11, 2009)

Jonathan's 18 year old mother found out about our shelter when her baby's father found us in the yellow pages. We told her to get a cab and come for an interview. She was accepted and moved in the next day. Now she has gone from being homeless to having a healthy, handsome son and being a freshman in college. Go to the pages on this website that list Shelters by state and Crisis Pregnancy Centers. There are many people who want to help you too!

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Stories From Our Visitors

Excerpt: My husband and I pastor an inner-city church in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. We are the parents of a beautiful 13-month-old daughter. We opened our church 4 months ago and have been able to help so many people so far. God has blessed us more than I could ever tell you.

We are interested in opening a shelter for pregnant women in our area as you have done. I was hoping that you could give us some information or advice on how to get started and ways that we can do our part in saving these precious babies and their mothers.

Thank you so much for the work that you are doing and I pray for God's richest blessings on all of you.

Lifecall Reply: God bless your efforts to open a home for pregnant women in Arkansas. It is a lot of work but God will guide and inspire you through the journey. We have three videos we can send you that help. The first two videos cover the day to day of shelter responsibilities and the third video addresses fund raising. If you will send us your name and mailing address, we will send the videos free of charge. Many thanks for your kind words and prayers.

Please know that you and your efforts will be in my thoughts and prayers too.

Excerpt: I was so excited to hear what you are doing. I am on the Central Coast NSW Australia, and would like to start up a center similar to yours. Do you know of any organizations in Australia that are doing similar work? Any information or advice you can give me would be appreciated.

Lifecall Reply: I have no contacts in your area, but I do have a VHS tape series that I can send you to help train you on how to open a shelter. Does your country use VHS or PAL? Just send me your address and I will send it out.

Excerpt: I got on to your website doing research for a persuasive essay I had to do for my 7th grade English class. Since I was 5 years old, I have been raised with a Christian religion. That is one of the reasons I decided to do a persuasive essay against abortion. Anyway, as I got on to your website I got drawn to the way you helped the teens who are pregnant. I was especially touched by the diary of a fetus. Well, lets just say that even though it can't possibly be from an actual baby, it still brought me to tears. I wished that I could help in some way or another the teens who are in this situation and that's when it dawned on me that I could, I can... by praying. Anyway, thank you so much for helping all of those mothers and for touching me such a great deal.

Lifecall Reply: Many thanks for your kind email. It's not often that we hear from a 12 year old!!!

I admire you for your position on saving babies from abortion. We have developed, "The Choice GameTM", a CD-ROM which we would like to send you free of charge. We would like to get your reaction and suggestions. If you would like to participate please send me your name and address and we will send you a copy of the game, which helps to promote prolife concepts.

God bless you and your project.

Excerpt: I just read your article titled "The Silent Scream"

What can I say? I was in tears after reading it. I have had 2 children and one on the way. The first two were unplanned, and at first the second one was unwanted. However, the thought of abortion has NEVER crossed my mind. I do not believe in murder. Especially for those who were never asked to be conceived. I am now in tears because I know that even after knowing the procedure of abortion, many women still believe it is "their body, and their choice".

I have a friend that knew what it was about and still chose to have an abortion. Now, after seeing how happy I am with my second child, she regrets her choice and I feel for her, because it is a decision she will live with the rest of her life. When she has a family picture taken, she will always know that there is one child missing from that picture.

I wish that everyone could have the same affect as I when reading this. Unfortunately, not. There are many selfish people out there. All we can do is spread the word and hope that we can save a handful of children from being victims of murder.

I shared the pictures with my son, oldest of the three. He was brought to tears (he is 8). A lot of people were angered because I shared these disturbing pictures with my son but at that age, I think most will agree that a visual is very effective. He is at a very impressionable age and he understands now what abortion really is...murder. He told me he hates when people have abortions.

Your website is very effective, and I will definitely direct people I know to it. Keep up the great work and keep saving lives.

Lifecall Reply: Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. I always hope that our websites will somehow help to save the lives of the preborn. They have no voice but ours to speak for them.

God bless you for your prolife thoughts and good wishes.

Excerpt: Lifecall has been helping me cope with something that's very emotional for me. Please read this, I want to tell you about my story.

I was 15 years old and pregnant, the oldest of 2 in my family. I was afraid and ashamed. I knew that my parents would be disappointed if they found out. I couldn't tell anyone, I had no one to talk to or any one I could trust.

I thought of abortion as a way out. My ex-boyfriend was 18 at the time and went away to college. He wanted me to have it and so did I but an abortion, I felt, was going to keep this pregnancy away from my parents. Nothing else mattered to me, I didn't think of the consequences it may cause to my body, nor did I think of the life of my unborn child. I didn't think that there may be a possibility that I may not be able to have any more children because of it.

It took me 2 months - almost 3, to tell my mother. My mother had happened to ask me about sex and if I had ever done it. She could see that I was holding back something, so she kept asking questions until I finally told her. I was so hurt, my mother was disappointed, and she told my father. We all talked about what needed to be done. I told them that I wanted to have my baby. Since my parents knew I felt that there was no reason for me to have an abortion now.

My parents talked me into having an abortion. It would be hard for them to find out that someone may find out about there little daughter's pregnancy. I didn't argue about it, even though deep inside I was hurt and I cried for many days.

Right now I feel if I had someone like Lifecall to tell me about the center they run who help young mothers, I would have fought a little harder with my opinion and insisted to have my baby. I am now 20 years old and it has been 5 years since this has happened. From the day I had my abortion in '95 to this year of 2000, I have been thinking about my baby, wishing that I never had an abortion.

I have forgiven myself for it but I encourage you not to do this. Keep your baby, do it for yourself, not your parents, and do this for your baby. I know you love your parents, I still do, even though they forced me to have an abortion but I will guarantee that you will be so happy when you have your baby.

I don't have any children now, and I have told my parents how I feel about this situation. It took me 4 years to tell them my feelings, and how bad I felt when they told me to take my baby's life. They asked if I need counseling and I told them no, and they apologized and said that it won't happen again.

Now every time I see a baby I get sad. I always think if I would have had a boy or girl, and think of the age my baby would of been. I also think of how some women cannot have children and how I had a chance to have one but didn't. My friend has a son that would have been my child's age, and I keep telling her my baby could have been playing with your son. She helps me now, and tells me that it's not my fault. I never told her when I was pregnant so she didn't find out until later, but believe me if I would have known her back then I would have never got an abortion.

There are programs that will help you, who will allow you to stay with them while your pregnant, and stay until your baby gets a certain age. Don't do this. Keep your baby. Everything happens for a reason; there is a reason why God let this happen. I know it may be hard to tell your parents but God will work it out. Just trust in God, pray, and ask God to help you, and give you the right words to explain in a way that you may be comfortable.

Don't give up. Keep your baby. Don't let fear of your parents get you down. I regret what I did and wish I could go back and change this, but there is nothing I can do to bring back time. I will never forget this as long as I live. Even when I decide to have children, I know that I will feel the same.

Please do what is right and keep your baby. You'll be so happy that you did. Take it from me. It's not worth it.

Lifecall Reply: Thanks for your wonderful letter. I really think it will help. You're a great blessing to our work. To think you are so very willing to share your pain and suffering is a gift and inspiration to me and all the young women we try to help.

Excerpt: Where can I get a chastity ring? It was amazing to find a site like yours that encourages people to make such an important decision.

I am a 17-year-old male, and the idea of chastity has always been a subject very dear to me. I do not know how I came to cherish chastity but I always hoped it had been the Lord's calling for me to do so. I do have my weak times when I am tempted to escape my decision, but I always rejoice that the Lord has brought me back every time with His direct intervention. I look for ways to make the chaste road easier. I have come to relish the idea of a chastity ring and am looking for something I can wear to remind me of my commitment. I know it is only for women, but I am hoping I can find something.

Lifecall Reply: You will never know how blessed we are to have your wonderful email. We do have a male chastity ring that we will be posting on our website. In the meantime, you can go to a Christian store and select a ring of your choosing that will come to symbolize your blessed and holy desire to remain chaste until you are married. The key is to ask God to bless and protect your thoughts, words and actions throughout all your life. You wear the ring on the third finger of your left hand, the traditional 'ring' finger for your future wedding ring. This becomes a symbol and reminder of your belief. You are not alone in your masculine beliefs. One young man went shopping with his father for his chastity ring. As time passed the ring wore out, and he went shopping again with his father to buy another ring. He is now 23, been engaged once and it didn't work out, but he still has his chastity ring and his chastity virtue to give to his future wife someday. Have you thought about having the ring blessed by your pastor? A blessing is a way to say, "this is a different item, and it is holy and special".

Excerpt: I was only 14 years old when my boyfriend and I thought I was pregnant. It was a very scary time for us and we did not know what to do or where to go. We only had sex three times but the condom broke once. It is very scary.

But one day, I was trying to find help everywhere I could and I went online and I found a website that is where I met Lifecall. She was so sweet and did not think of yelling at me or telling me the wrong things I did. Instead she helped me.

She sent me a test to take and some movies etc. Well, that was of much help. The test told me I was having a baby. Well at that second when I found out she was there to make me stronger and help me. I got stronger but my boyfriend was not all ok. She helped me to make him feel better and to look on the bright sides of things.

She helped me find God. It was hard for myself because I did not have a mom and no older siblings to help plus I was already helping to raise my little brother. Well again she stepped in. Finally I was able to get to a hospital and they checked out my baby. It turned out I was five months pregnant and they told me I was having a baby girl!

It started to get exciting for myself and my boyfriend but things turned on us. I lost the baby due to a guy who was jealous and who found out. He hurt me very bad and I did lose my baby. After I told her what had happened she helped me become stronger again and to remember I always have God.

When I first met her I thought my whole world was ruined but she helped me through everything. She became a friend to me and she helped me find God and was always ready to listen no matter what. There are not enough thanks I could tell her there is nothing I can do to repay her for all the help she gave my boyfriend, myself, and our baby girl who is now in heaven with God.

Today I still think what if I had that baby, what if the guy never hurt me what if I didn't have her to help. So please let her help you too even if you think it will not help. Take it from me she will help you and help your baby as well. Also remember there is always a rainbow after a storm. And thank you for everything you are more then a friend your a great friend who everyone should have.

Lifecall Reply: Your email was so kind and thoughtful. What a blessing. I think of you always and pray for you more than you will ever know. Please always stay close to God and realize He is only a prayer away and He will help you your whole life through. Others may leave you and hurt you, but He will never do so.... all He wants is for you to be close to Him and all He wants is to help you every hour of the day. He will if you ask it of Him. And think about holy Chastity. It is not easy... but it will make you even closer to Him.

Have I sent you our chastity kit yet? I'd love to if I have not done so already. Maybe I should send you two ... one for you and one for your boyfriend. Send me your address again if you'd like them. God bless.

Excerpt: I don't know if I'm still considered a teen mom but I am 21 with a 3-year-old son. I saw your page about giving advice. I go to my school once a year now to talk about being a young mother.

My son's biological father has no part in his life and gave me a hard time throughout my pregnancy, where I went into such a depression and almost killed my unborn child and myself. Doing this for about a month, a friend came and talked to me and helped me realize that my life is important and so is my child. I guess I was just scared. But I finished my junior year of school and even went to summer school with my best friend who stuck by my side to get a jump-start for my senior year. I was now determined to graduate with my class. I had my son Nov 17 of '97. I had him with only my mom by my side in the delivery room.

It was so hard to tell my parents about being pregnant. I went to my dad's work so he couldn't yell at me and my mom just cried. I hurt my family. My dad was seeing a psychiatrist to help him cope with his 17-year-old daughter about to have a baby. But as the time went on it got better and my parents started coping with it better. Things brighten up when I told my dad I was having a boy. My dad was excited. After 3 hours of labor, my beautiful baby boy was finally in my arms and that's when it clicked in to me "Oh my God - I'm someone's mom now." The feeling was so great.

Almost 4 years later my son is doing so well and makes me so proud! My parents adore him. I am also going to be getting married to a wonderful guy who has helped me with my son since he was 10 months old. My son calls him Dad and he's okay with it. I am so happy to have my little man and wouldn't give him up for the world. There are no regrets about having my son. The only thing I regret is his biological father who was an alcoholic. I would have liked to wait until I was married but that's not something I can't think about. Everyone makes mistakes in life and we learn from them. In my eyes, my son is never considered a mistake, he's the love of my life.

That's just a quick summery about my life. Thanks for reading. If you know anyone who might need someone to talk to let me know. I love talking about my son and how my pregnancy went. I can also talk to people who want to get pregnant at such a young age. I just love to talk. LOL! Well anyway I better run. Your page is a great page!!