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"Saved" Baby Maria

(born in 2009)

Baby Maria's great grandmother saved her when she was only three months in her mother's womb. Her mother was homeless in Utah and while her grandmother thought abortion was the best solution, her grandmother searched and found us on the Internet. Once she found us and we interviewed Maria's teen mother over the phone, her great grandmother paid for an airplane ticket to NJ. Now six months later, "saved" baby Maria is born, her mother is in college for a career in the medical field and her great-grandmother is also her god mother because baby Maria was baptized three weeks ago!

Mother in Hand

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Other E-Mails

Excerpt: My husband and I pastor an inner-city church in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. We are the parents of a beautiful 13-month-old daughter. We opened our church 4 months ago and have been able to help so many people so far. God has blessed us more than I could ever tell you.

We are interested in opening a shelter for pregnant women in our area as you have done. I was hoping that you could give us some information or advice on how to get started and ways that we can do our part in saving these precious babies and their mothers.

Thank you so much for the work that you are doing and I pray for God's richest blessings on all of you.

Lifecall Reply: God bless your efforts to open a home for pregnant women in Arkansas. It is a lot of work but God will guide and inspire you through the journey.

We have three videos we can send you that help. The first two videos cover the day to day of shelter responsibilities and the third video addresses fund raising. If you will send us your name and mailing address, we will send the videos free of charge.

Many thanks for your kind words and prayers. Please know that you and your efforts will be in my thoughts and prayers too.

Excerpt: In viewing your website I wanted to contact you regarding adding our adoption site as a resource. We offer Nationwide Christian Adoption services 7 days per week to both birth parents and adoptive parents since 1986.

Lifetime Foundation has a unique Non-Profit educational scholarship program to help birth mothers go to college. The site is an excellent resource for adoption, listing of children and babies, Adoptive family registry, housing referrals, counseling and more.

Please visit our site and let me know if you have any questions. We would be grateful for the link http://www.lifetimeadoption.com.