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"Saved" Baby Maria

(born in 2009)

Baby Maria's great grandmother saved her when she was only three months in her mother's womb. Her mother was homeless in Utah and while her grandmother thought abortion was the best solution, her grandmother searched and found us on the Internet. Once she found us and we interviewed Maria's teen mother over the phone, her great grandmother paid for an airplane ticket to NJ. Now six months later, "saved" baby Maria is born, her mother is in college for a career in the medical field and her great-grandmother is also her god mother because baby Maria was baptized three weeks ago!

Mother in Hand

E-Mail: Telling Your Parents

How To Tell Your Parents

Excerpt: I need some information on Several Sources Foundation. I am almost 3 months pregnant and I am thinking about moving into a home to have my baby and give it up for adoption. I haven't told my mom yet. That is why I am reading your website.

Lifecall Reply: I will do all I can to help. When you visited the site did you read the letters from mothers on how they told their loved ones that they were pregnant? If not, then click on Mom, I'm Pregnant. The most difficult thing is telling your parents.

Ask for God's Divine Help. You may ask, "Why would God want to help me? I haven't been good, I got myself pregnant". God is always available and there to help you, especially now. By helping you, God is also helping your baby. Your most powerful help will come from God. Start praying to Him, He will guide you and strengthen you. He will send His Angels to protect you and your child. He will inspire you.

One of the ideas I like most is writing a letter to the person you are trying to tell. Another idea is having someone else both you and your loved ones present for moral support when you first talk of pregnancy. If you can put together a plan like where to live and how to stay in school, if your parents are not supportive, it will sometimes help. This way they can see you are serious about giving birth to your baby.

The most important thing for you to know is that the preborn child is given it's eternal soul at conception. Therefore, abortion is the destroying of the baby's physical body and throwing it's immortal soul back to God before it's time. God has a plan for every one of us including His preborn children.

I would like to send you one of our Hotline Kits; it comes in a plain brown envelope and includes plenty of material and 2 videos to help you. It can be a big help when and if you decide to speak to others about your pregnancy. No one will know what is inside, and if found you could say you were doing some research on the Internet and this website offered some free materials on teen pregnancy.

I hope this helps. Please know you are in my prayers and hope you will let me know how you are doing,

Excerpt: How could I, myself, tell my parents?

Lifecall Reply: I would carefully re-read Mom I'm Pregnant , and pick out the sections or parts of the girls stories that fit your personality or the personality of your parents best. Then use their ideas or personal stories as a guide to what to say to your parents and how and when to say it.

I personally think that writing a letter is best and having someone older that you trust there when you hand your parents the letter is the very best way of telling them. First, a letter helps because it allows you to say you're sorry and that you need their help and understanding. Then, someone older can help calm things down....even maybe let you stay at their house for a night or two while mom and dad get used to the idea that you might be pregnant. (Right now ... you don't even know if you are.....right?)

Excerpt: I'm 25 and I'm pregnant with my third child. I just recently started going back to church on New Years Eve trying to get my life together but I just don't know how to tell my mother that I'm 8 months pregnant.

I go to prayer every wed at 5:00am and I ask the Lord to help me but I'm still scared.

I have no support all I have is God I want to tell my mother so bad it hurts. I have an 9 year old and 7 year old. What should I do ?

Lifecall Reply: Thank you so very much for writing to me about your situation. It is not easy to go through the life you have had but you, unlike so many other women, can be proud that you have had your babies.

As for how to tell your mother .... have you read the letters on our website? (see Mom, I'm Pregnant ) I have found after 19 years of counseling pregnant women that one of the easiest ways to tell a loved one is a letter and a friend who might be present when the letter is presented to the parents. Your mother will, yes of course, be disappointed. It is quite natural and so would you be. But give her time. Since you are 8 months pregnant, it makes me think you might not live in the same town as your mother. Is that correct?

Ask God to help you write the letter. Pray over the paper.and be quiet.. listen in your heart and soon you will be inspired... and, as the say, "Go with the flow." And the sooner the better. This baby is going to be born in 4 short weeks. Your mom deserves to know and get adjusted. don't you think?

How else can I help you? We have a hotline kit that I would most gladly send you free of charge with videos and lots of letters and photos but I would need a mailing address.

It is a wonderful blessing to serve you. Please write back and know that I am praying for you and all your children. Hold your head high, you are a wonderful woman and mother. You have always chosen life and God is proud of you for that choice. I am praying for you and will ask my family and friends to pray for you too!!!

Excerpt: I am15, and think I am about 24 weeks pregnant. I did it with this guy while we were on vacation for two weeks in April. I have not had a period since the end of March before we left.

Now, all of a sudden in the last two weeks my stomach has grown so much that none of my clothes or my bras or anything fits. I am scared to come out of my room because my mom will see me. She started about a month ago that I was getting to fat and better do something about it.

I am eating just a little, but I am still gaining weight. I really think I am going to have a baby. Besides, my stomach will get all hard and I get funny feeling there.

My parents will kill me. I am the youngest of five kids and my parents are sort of important around town. I am scared to tell them.

Lifecall Reply: I'm so glad you decided to email me with your situation. You need to trust in someone now. I know God will be helping you through this, but you have to have faith. Can you do that? I will help you. I promise. You can do this with His Help. First read through these letters, Mom, I'm Pregnant ,and see how other girls in your situation have told their parents. It will give you some ideas. Yes, your parents will be upset. But they love you and that love will get them past the upset feelings and into the need to help you.

You've been upset before at someone before, but your compassion and understanding has helped you to forgive them and go on with the relationship.Your parents will do the same. THEY LOVE YOU.

Now, the very best way of telling them is to write a letter to them and when you hand it to them have someone older with you to help you do it, maybe an aunt or even the mother of one of your friends. Can you think of anyone like that you could help you?

Your letter could be very short and simple. Something like:

Dear Mom and Dad:

I know that this letter is going to break your heart but I have to write it now. There is no easy way of telling you both this. First know that I love you and I am very afraid to let you both know that I am pregnant. Yes, pregnant. It happened when we were on vacation, which means I'm 24 weeks. Mom, you have been concerned about me gaining weight. Now you know why. I am so embarrassed and upset. Please forgive me. I have found a place in New Jersey to go to if you want to throw me out. I understand why you might want to do that. But the lady there has convinced me to write this letter and promised to help me if you want her to. I just don't know what to do. She is helping me to write this letter and tell you.

Please forgive me for disappointing you both.

Love... your daughter

So, What do you think?

I'm sure you don't want to do this. If I were close enough, I would be the one to sit with you when you tell them. Are you by any chance in NJ? Please write me back again. We can talk some more. Would you like to make a telephone date? I am hoping you will call and we can talk.

I also can send you one of our FREE hotline kits that will help and inspire you greatly. You would have to send me an address. It will come in a plain brown envelope. If your parents would see it, just tell them that you got it for a friend. But of course the best thing would be if you told them as soon as possible. The hotline kit would show them you have a real person and foundation that is helping you. Check out our shelters in N.J., and elsewhere. Well, let me close by saying a prayer with you:

Dear Lord, Your young daughter has chosen to write to me to receive help. You are Our Father and the Divine Help and Healer. Please Lord give her the strength to continue to mother her preborn child and give her the courage to tell her parents about her pregnancy. Amen.

OK, that is all for now. I will be checking my emails often from this point further to see if you have written me again. God Bless.

P.S. I will be thinking about you and praying for you every minute of the day !!!

Excerpt: I am 18 years old. I am 12 weeks pregnant; my main concern is how I will tell my father and grandmother. I told my older sister who is 28 and she says that I should think about it a little more and decide what to do.

The reasons I have for not wanting a child are

1. Because I know longer have a strong interest in the baby's father and I have a new boyfriend who doesn't know.

2. I do not want to bring a child to my parent's home I want to be in an apartment at least that would make it a whole lot easier for me to tell them.

As of right now I don't even have a job. My reason in thinking of keeping this baby is even though I feel that I am not ready. I know that God does not put you in a situation that he feels is too great for you to handle. I need your help. please contact me through e-mail as soon as you can. Thank you.

Lifecall Reply: Please know that God loves you and is willing to help you through this difficult and complex time. Let me make a few suggestions here that I send to every one who writes to me concerned about telling their parents or grandparents.

I suggest that when you tell your parents you have someone older (their age) with you who could help you to tell them.....like an aunt, a teacher, a neighbor. It would really help is that person had a similar situation to you so that they might be able to counsel your parents from their own experience.

Be sure to stay close to God. He loves you and your baby very very much. He will help you by sending His Most Holy Spirit to inspire and comfort you.

We have a hotline kit that we could send you to help you to tell your parents. Just send me an address to mail it. Maybe you have a friend who would let me mail it to them.

Now, here are some very important pages on our website that you need to look soon.

Diary of a Preborn

Mom I'm Pregnant

Questions and Answers on Abortion

Letters from Father's of the Preborn

Development of a Preborn Child

And do you know what an abortion truly is? Visit these pages to find out:

The Silent Scream Script and Photos

Silent Scream Home Page

You might even want to work through our game, which places you in a "Real Life" situation as if you went to get an abortion. See what it would be like to make an appointment and actually complete the process. The Choice Game.

Please write me again. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully helping you again soon. Send me your address so I can send you a free hotline kit and free copy of the game. Maybe you new boyfriend will play it and come to understand why you so very much need his help now. I will be thinking of you and praying for you and your baby too.

Excerpt: I am 19 years old. I graduated from high school and I was attending Community College. I had to drop this semester due to financial aid problems but with God's help I am returning after my child is born in order to give my baby and myself a better life. I am 6 weeks pregnant going to 7.

I haven't told my parents about my pregnancy. I am too scared. I just finished reading the letters some of the girls wrote but I just don't have the guts I am too scared. In my home I don't have the support of my parents, my father would never in my life accept me again after he finds out and my mother is the same way. They are too stubborn to understand any reasons that I may give them. They won't understand nothing and the first thing they would say would be to get out of the house.

Where would I go if the baby's father would not talk to me? It's like he is running away from me. I have a younger brother who won't do anything as well, and even though I have two older brothers they won't be able to do anything for me because one of them is married with two children and the other one is cohabitating with his girlfriend. And they all live together in one apartment so there is no room for me there and I also have a best friend who has been there for me from the beginning but I can't even tell her parents because I would feel embarrassed of doing so.

Please I need your advice. I have read through this website and I have seen how you and the program have helped a lot of the mothers all around. I would like some help because I know sooner or later I won't have any place to go, my parents will definitely throw my out of my house without listening to my explanations. I know my parents. I believe they would never except my child no matter what happens so I am worried.

Please I need your help, I don't know what to do, You see, right now I am using my friends computer and email because I don't want any of this to stay in my computer at home because they will find out right away.

Thank you very much for reading my email and hope to hear from you soon.

P.S I am praying a lot to God and I know he will give me strength and will be with me through everything because I pray to him all the time because I know he is always there next to me.

Lifecall Reply: Thank you for writing to me and asking for help. These are obviously very difficult times for you and I can understand why you are so afraid.

You say you pray to Our Lord all the time. Do you remember when the Angel Gabriel spoke to the Blessed Virgin Mary and said, "Mary, do not be afraid." Those words were meant for all of us who try to do God's Will.

Yes, your parents will be upset and may even throw you out. But they will get over it. You can come and stay with us. Lots of girls have stayed with us.

The most important thing is that you don't let yourself become so very frightened that you talk yourself or allow others to talk you into aborting you tiny, innocent preborn child. The little one who now sleeps inside your womb has an immortal soul, given to him or her at the very moment of conception. God has a plan for your child. God loves you and your child very much. He will get you both through this difficult time.

You say your parents are "stubborn." That trait can be a good thing too. I am hoping you will be stubborn in your determination to give life to your child. You can do it, if you want to and we will help you along the way.

You mention that you have been through our website and you have seen the stories of all the young women who like you found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Believe me, each and every one of them felt the very same emotions of fear and concern that you are now feeling. Not one of them thought it would be easy but today they are so very happy that they asked God for help and they somehow got the strength to complete their pregnancies. If you decide to abort your child, an innocent life will die a terrible, cruel death. You will feel better maybe for a short time but for the rest of your life you will remember what you did and you will regret what you did. I have counseled women for almost 21 years who have either chosen life for their preborn children or destroying their preborn children. And I can honestly tell you that not one who has chosen life has come to me and say, "I made a mistake." But many, many, many have come to me filled with a life of regrets after choosing abortion.

Yes...it will be difficult. Yes, your parents will be upset. But anything worthwhile is difficult and this means the very life of an innocent child.... your child!!!! And your parents will get over it. Believe me. They will thank you someday for not aborting their grandchild. It may take a little time but baby after baby and grandchild after grandchild..... parents have come back to me to say, "Thank you for helping my daughter to have her baby."

You will be fine and we will help you. Please write me back again. And if you send your address we will send you a free hotline kit. It has wonderful items in it to help you. Also put my on your buddy list and I will do likewise, hopefully we will be able to IM each other. I will be looking forward to hearing from you again soon. God bless.

Excerpt: I am going on 6 months pregnant and I already have a 2-year-old son from a guy I was with for 4 years and now we have broken up. I started sleeping with this one guy I met for a month and I found out I was pregnant at 4 months and I am living with my Mom now to help me get my stuff together.

I am so scared she is going to kick me out and hate me. The whole nine yards. I am 22-years old and am trying to get my life back together. I am a great mother but I am not with this baby's father nor do I talk to him. He says he can't even have kids. So I am alone, what can I do? I am so scared.

Lifecall Reply: It is a bit unusual because most of the emails I receive each day are from women who are much earlier in their pregnancies. Since you are about 6 months pregnant. I am hoping that abortion is not what you are thinking about at this time. Please let me know if I am correct on this point.

Did you know that babies can be born at 24 weeks after conception and can live and strive? I have been witness to such little ones and I have seen them grow into beautiful children.

While you are writing me and telling me your personal situation, I am not quite sure what you would like me to help you with. Again, I am praying that while you are frightened and scared, you really are not planning on having an abortion. I am hoping your main concern is how to tell your mother that you need her understanding and support. Is that correct?

Let me ask you a question. How much do you love your two-year-old son? I'm sure a lot. More than you can even explain to me. You probably even think I'm asking a silly question. But this question is key to your current situation. Why? Because as a mother, you and your mother share similar feelings of deep love and concern for your children. Do you see what I mean? Try to think of how you will feel someday in the future when your very own son might come to you with a serious problem, which he is facing and he is seeking your help. Yes, your mom will be shocked and disappointed. Yes, your mom might be angry. I'm sure you can understand that completely. But being a mother, and you now know how deeply mothers feel about their children.....she in time will show you her love and concern for you and both your children (both are her grandchildren, you know.)

When did you find out about this current pregnancy? I would think you have known for a while and now need help in telling your mom. Do you think she might suspect you are pregnant? Has she said anything to you? You might think about writing her a letter in which you explain your situation and ask for her help and understanding. You have a situation that can't be ignored for much longer.

In your heart you know a child is soon to be born. In your heart you are troubles but you still have had the courage to continue with this pregnancy. We have four shelters for unwed mothers. Often young women come to stay with us in their second pregnancies.....sometimes even in their third pregnancies. How do they tell their parents? Well, its not easy but they do. And you know what ... in time they get back with their parents and the years come and go and the families come back together. It takes time. But it comes together for them and with God's help it will come together for you too. He will help you if you ask Him to.

Let me copy a letter here for you to read. It might give you some ideas on what to write to your mom.

Dear Mom,

I wish that I were writing to you just to let you know how much I love you very much. I don't say it enough or show it enough, but I do love you so. And that makes it so much harder for me to tell you what I must tell you.

There is no easy way to say it. And I know that you'll again be angry, upset, ashamed, and feel that I again let you down. That's because this is how I felt about myself. I am afraid and I need you so much to love me. I am not expecting your approval. Mom, I really need your understanding. And as much as I am sorry for hurting you, believe me, I am hurting so much myself. More than ever, I need someone to help me through this. I wish you could hold me and make it all better, but I guess those days are over.

If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm pregnant again. I have another little baby growing inside of me who is even more helpless than me. It should be such a wonderful thing, but I know I did not go about this the right way. I can't change the past. I can only try and do the right thing now. I just don't know how else to say it. I said it before; I really need you simply to love me right now.

That's why I am telling you this in a letter. I am afraid to see you so angry or let down. I just don't know if I could take it right now. I want you to know that I am going to do my best to be responsible about this. As hard as it is, I am not going to take the easy way out because I know that I was once your child the same age as mine is now. There are places that can help and I will go to them if it is the best thing to do. But please, try not to act like you are disgusted with me even if you are.

Today I prayed. I prayed for this baby. I prayed that somehow things would work out. I prayed for the courage to tell you this. And I prayed that you would still love me. That is all I ask.

Your daughter.....

Now I hope this letter helps you out. It has some good ideas in it.

You also need a backup plan if your mom decides she doesn't want you to stay with her. I can help you with that if you give me your town and state. But let's take it one step at a time. OK?

We also have a hotline kit we could send you free of charge if you'd like something to show her about our shelters and the two videos we have including one about a second trimester abortion called The Eclipse of Reason. If you are interested in the materials please send me a mailing address as soon as possible.

Always remember that God's help is only a prayer away. He will strengthen you and He will help you to tell your mom. I am hoping that she might be a prayerful woman too. Ask God to help her to again understand your situation. He will send His Most Holy Spirit to her to help her and you through this situation.

Finally, I have a young mom who is on her third unplanned pregnancy. If you would like, I can try to have her send you an email on how she has gotten through her personal situations. Just let me know if you would like to hear from her.

I will be praying for you and really look forward to hearing from you again. God bless.

Excerpt: Could I get help from you if my parents do not except me in the family anymore?

Lifecall Reply: ABSOLUTELY!!!! We would be honored to help you if you are, in fact, pregnant and your parents do not accept you.

Please know that God will help you through this difficult time. Keep asking Him to guide you and give you the right words to say.

We also have a Hotline Kit that we can send free of charge. You would have to send an address so we can send it out. It is filled with photos, pamphlets, videos and many other good things to help you tell you parents. If they find it, you can just say you are doing research for a term paper and found us on the Internet.

I know you are worried and concerned. You are so frightened that you must find it difficult to sleep too. Just know that we will help you and know that God is always there ready to help you through this too.