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"Saved" Baby Maria

(born in 2009)

Baby Maria's great grandmother saved her when she was only three months in her mother's womb. Her mother was homeless in Utah and while her grandmother thought abortion was the best solution, her grandmother searched and found us on the Internet. Once she found us and we interviewed Maria's teen mother over the phone, her great grandmother paid for an airplane ticket to NJ. Now six months later, "saved" baby Maria is born, her mother is in college for a career in the medical field and her great-grandmother is also her god mother because baby Maria was baptized three weeks ago!

Mother in Hand

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Letters Of Hope

Excerpt: I have really good news. I didn't end up going to the doctor, but I did get my period. I talked with my mom anyway, even though I am not pregnant. I am so glad I did. She was so understanding of my situation.

I seriously have to thank you for my courage. I know you probably think that you didn't do much, but your email helped me so much. I knew someone was there for me and I am thankful for people like you. You are wonderful.

Lifecall Reply: I am so happy to hear you are not pregnant after all, and it is good you and your Mom are talking. Now there is a question to ask you. Will you now try to change your lifestyle and take a vow of Second Hand virginity? I do not know if you would ever consider this but you can do it with God's help. We would be happy to send you a Chastity kit if you will send me your address. I am sure your mom would be delighted to have you receive it. Please consider saving yourself for your wedding night. Read through the websites Chastitycall and The Choice Game,and think about what other young people are experiencing as they change their lifestyles back to virginity.

If a man truly loves you he will respect your wishes to wait until your wedding night, and you will be free of worrying about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and you will have a newfound self-respect. You will need God to do this. His Strength and Guidance will be necessary to get you through. The temptations of the world are very great indeed but you do not have to yield to them. Think about it, don't you feel special just thinking about it? Hold on for one special minute and ask God to come into your heart and help you feel His Love and Companionship. He will take up a special place in your heart and stay there to help you through all the days of your life. The Holy Scriptures tells us that we are His Temple. Yes, we are to be the very place where God's Holy Spirit wants to live with us to help us through every one of the daily challenges we face. He loves us very much. God bless you.

Excerpt: Thank you so much for your encouraging words, support and prayers. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and my depression and fears were lifted - almost like magic. I am very excited now about my baby.

You were the only person who offered me any support in my decision to have my baby. Everyone else insisted it was a bad decision because my relationship has become unstable. However, my child's father begged me for forgiveness, and we have reconciled.

Regardless of the outcome of my relationship with him, I am still happy that I made the right choice. Your site is a blessing, and if I hadn't seen that video I would have had an abortion for sure, but the truth set me free. God bless you!! I don't know if it is possible to love a stranger, but I love you.

Lifecall Reply: You are the one to be thanked... by your baby and your baby's father.... and by all of us who work to save the lives of the preborn. You have not followed the temptation, the easy way out and had an abortion. The road ahead will be filled with many challenges, for sure.

It's not easy being a single mother but God will be standing right beside you to help and guide your every step. Always pray to Him, every hour of the day involve Him in all your thinking and problem solving. He longs to hear your voice in prayer to Him and He will never be too busy or involved in other things. You have chosen life over death and He will support your choice because you have followed His Commandment.

I am blessed to know you and share your joy. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers every day and I sincerely hope you will stay in touch with me as you go through your pregnancy.

Excerpt: Thank you so much for being there for me when I was in trouble. You not only helped me through life, but you guided me to live for the future. When I had no clue about teen pregnancy, I just wrote an e-mail to just some person hoping that I would find an answer, but it wasn't only some person, it was you. You are like my guardian angel. Even though we live so far away, I feel really close to you. You also made me realize that if I was pregnant, that abortion was not the answer. The thing is I should have to make up for my mistakes. I know that having a baby would be hard. Especially with no father. I know I am only 14 years old, but I have a lot of responsibilities.

Until I met you I was always out every night with my friends and older guys we didn't even know just messing around with them, but then I met you and I had to face the fact that there are a lot of diseases out there and I told myself that I was not the one who was going to get them. Whenever I'm in trouble, you're there. Whenever I need to talk, you're there, whenever I'm scared, you're there. You're there for me 100% and I think other young teens should have the opportunity to trust you as much as I do. I know that maybe some teens aren't going to make the mistakes I did, but then again I know others will and they need someone to be there for them like you were for me.

Last year since I lost my virginity, I have wanted a baby. Now that I am with this guy and have been for 3 weeks today, he's all I think about. I cry every night because I honestly think God sent him to me, either God did, or it was my guardian angel, YOU! I have not thought about having sex once since I have been with him because I love him so much that if he loves me then we can wait until we are married. He tells me he loves me, and I know it's true. We never see each other, except for sometimes on weekends. If he only said he loved me to have sex with me, then why is he still here with me and we only talk on the phone? I don't know what I would do if I lost him, but I know that you would be there for me if I did.

You have not only been like a friend to me, but a best friend. If everyone knew how much you helped me, they would ask for your help too. When I asked for it though, I didn't expect an angel to be there for me. I was also afraid to write an e-mail to someone I didn't know because usually older people just yell and tell you that you are either too young or you are just messing around online. When you E-mailed me back, I was so surprised because I thought the e-mail would say stop playing on the Internet or you're too young. I know I am really young to be having babies then again having sex.

I was 13 at the time when you sent me a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I was so scared I just sat in the shower and cried. That night I threw up wondering what I was going to do. My older sister demanded that I get an abortion. I had to say yes because she would have told my Mom. But deep down in my heart, what she didn't know was I was not going to kill something that was apart of me. It came out that I wasn't pregnant.

Anyway, thank you for everything you have done for me in my life. I hope someday I can repay you for it. Thank you for watching out for me. I'll never forget you, I promise!

Lifecall Reply: Keep up the good work. Many thanks for the wonderful email. WOWOWOWOWOW you really did a fantastic job! Did I ever send you a copy of our choice game CD ROM? If you want one, I'd love to send it to you. It's all about dating. We have a Catholic version and a non-denominational version, which one would you like me to send to you...free of charge of course. And...Thanks for being such a good friend. God bless.

Excerpt: If it wasn't for you I'm not sure she would be here for us to enjoy. In October of 1998 I found out I was 8 wks pregnant, and I was so scared to tell my mother. We never really were close and didn't get along to well either. I finally told her and she was disappointed and upset with me; I was unwed, didn't have any money saved, and she didn't have the room for me to stay with her. I house hopped until I had nowhere left to go.

My family kept telling me I can't afford to have a child and that I should get an abortion. My heart told me no, that's not the way for me. I could never forgive myself.

My mother searched online for help, and found Lifecall. She gave me the phone number to call; at first I was very scared. It seemed so far away from everyone I knew. But I knew I needed help, if I was to be able to care for my baby. So, I called Lifecall. She made me feel so much better and let me know everything was going to be ok. Once I got there, everyone was wonderful, and helpful. I had things for my baby before she was even born. The other girls there were great and to this day I miss them.

Eventually I left to move in with a friend. Then slowly moved back home. Toward the end of my pregnancy my mother and I started getting closer, and she was with me the day my daughter was born. I think she was more excited than I was.

My daughter is now 9 mos. old and my mother can't get enough of her. She's always holding her and kissing her, they love spending time together. I now have a full time job and looking for a place of my own. We have never been happier, and I Thank Lifecall for that.

My new experience as a mom is the best feeling in the world. This is the happiest I have ever been. God blessed me with someone to share my love and life with.

Lifecall Reply: This is a little girl who we saved on the Internet. Her mother found us when she did not want her daughter to have the baby. Instead, when the daughter refused to abort the child, the young woman's mother, who is an avid Internet user, found our shelters and moved her daughter into our shelter in Ramsey.

All went well until during the last month of the pregnancy the young mother moved into a friends house. She has stayed in touch and sent a beautiful photo. Let us all thank God for her strength and courage to have her child and for our gift to be a small part in helping to give this child the gift of life.

Sometimes our work can get difficult and even lonely. We reach out and really wonder how much of a difference we are making and then God blesses us with this ... wonderful evidence of the "fruits of our labors". He is such a good and great God and amazing are His Ways!!!

Thank you for helping Several Sources to continue its work for His innocent preborn lambs.

Excerpt: When I was 17 years old I became pregnant. I found out on the first day of my senior year at high school. I was terrified to tell my dad. I told my mom after two months of being told by friends to abort the baby. My boyfriend wanted me to as well. The woman at the clinic said its your body, your child, your future, your decision. I told my mom and she told dad. Dad cried for the first time and gave me a great big hug that I have never had from him before. I left school that April to have a beautiful baby boy, my baby, to share in my life my decision.

It has been almost eighteen years since I had him. NEVER EVER a regret. I finished high school after I had him and now I am planning his surprise graduation party. He is the light of my life. I don't know what life would be without him.

If you are scared there are always people to talk to. Even if you are not religious, talk to someone at your place of worship. If you are not ready for a child, please give it to someone to raise and love. I thank God every day for my son. I am so proud of him. We made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lifecall Reply: Thank you for sharing your story. You and you son must be a very special team indeed. And he is blessed to have a mom who chose life.

Excerpt: Hi, my name is (xxxxxxx) and I am almost 5-months pregnant. I wanted to tell you my story about my pregnancy.

I found out on me and my boyfriend's 8-month anniversary. He told my mom. This came at a real bad time because he was moving to college and I didn't want to be all alone. I see him every weekend and we are excited but scared . My baby is due August 8th. I will find out Wednesday the 15th what it is. The 15th is also me and my boyfriend's 11month anniversary.

My mom was upset at first but now she is excited. My pregnancy brought mom and me closer together. Thanks.

Lifecall Reply: I hope this email finds you well. God bless you for choosing life for your preborn child. I know it must not be easy for you but at least you have the support of your mother now and that is such a blessing!

Always remember that you are never alone. God will be with you every hour of the day... all you have to do is ask it of Him. He will guide and strengthen you and help you through this unplanned pregnancy. He loves you and your preborn child. Be sure to pray to Him and involve Him every step of the way as you begin your journey into motherhood. Thank you for sharing your story. I will keep you in my prayers.

Excerpt: Thank you so much for writing me back. Thank God I started my period yesterday and I have decided to go ahead with my parents move. However, from what my mother says we may not even go now.

I guess we will wait and see-- you know what I thought about -- what if I was pregnant -- I thought about an abortion until I watched the silent scream on windows media player- the show absolutely moved me to tears and I decided if I ever have another pregnancy scare, abortion is not even an option!!!!!!!!

Which I don't think I'll fool around with another man ever again!!!!! Oh my goodness, I have cried so much this past week just thinking about it. Where is your center located? I wouldn't mind coming there and volunteering to help you with these unwed mothers-to-be.

I am so thankful to God that I wasn't pregnant. Maybe my future husband is in the state we are moving to. Regardless, I know if I do move there God has a reason for everything he does. Thanks again with love your friend.

Lifecall Reply: I'm so glad you are not pregnant too! It was good to hear from you and please, keep close to God... that is the key to everything. Do you have a Bible? Read it... a lot... especially the Psalms and the Gospels. And, you should join a Church Youth group. Make new friends wherever you go, who go to church, and get involved in helping God's Poor.

Our shelters are all in NJ, North Jersey. Volunteering is a good idea. I'm sure you can find something close to you. Can I send you our chastity kit? And we have an interactive computer game... I'd love to have you test it and get your reaction to the content. I'd need your address though. Please write me back.

Excerpt: Thanks for your concern. Everything is very well. Much better than I expected.

We are thinking about getting married and my parents are looking forward to being grandparents. I believe everything will be ok.

It's already very hard, I'm really sick all the time and was hospitalized. It makes it very hard to work and I need to more than ever.

I am realizing how strong I have to be to do this. I am determined. This was the right thing to do and I am so glad I have acceptance and support. Thank you and I will keep in touch.

Lifecall Reply: God bless you, and He will for your determination to have your baby. As the years go by you will be more and more sure that you in fact made the right choice and God is pleased that you value His Laws and specifically His Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

And your dear little baby is blessed to have you as mother.... so very blessed. Just think, 4,000 other mothers today did not value the lives of their preborn children. That is the average number of abortions in the US very day. Just be sure to pray.... every day... and pick up your bible and read it often. Especially read psalm 139. It speaks to the baby in your womb. I think of the Bible as God's telephone to us. It truly helps me through the difficult days and times of struggle in my life.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. And please stay in touch.