Featured Saved Baby

featured baby

"Saved" Baby Robert

(born in 2009)

"Saved" baby Robert's grandmother just couldn't imagine that her daughter was pregnant. Abortion seemed the one and only alternative, yet Robert's mother decided it would be better to be homeless than to face an abortion. She was blessed with an aunt who found us through a priest she knew and three days later Robert's mother moved into our shelter. Now as in 99% of the times, the family is reunited. Just four days ago, Robert's grandmother sent beautiful flowers to his mother with a card saying, "We hope all is well. See you soon. Love, Mom"

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Hotline Phone Numbers

Need immediate assistance? Pregnant and need help?

Try one of these toll free numbers:





In Nebraska call: 1-800-669-8086

In California call: 1-800-228-0332

For post-abortion counseling call: 1-800-228-0332

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