Featured Saved Baby

featured baby

"Saved" Baby Tonesha

(born in 2010)

Tonesha's mother decided that life was the only choice she could make for her child. Most everyone wanted her to have an abortion. He mother had to leave her home in Atlanta and come to NJ to have her baby but once Tonesha was born things slowly changed. After two months her baby's father decided that he was going to also move to NJ to be closer to his daughter. Then one month later he got Toneshsa's mother an engagement ring. We are still waiting for their wedding date but the blessings continue as the very members of the family who didn't want this baby born now rejoice in her being a part of their lives.

Mother in Hand


The Robe Of A King

Jesus On The Cross

In early times when man was young, both in Spirit and in Faith, there came unto his midst a King from Heaven. Quite without fanfare of the shooting star whose brilliant trail arcs across the Heaven's blackness in tempestuous display, the King of Heaven comes, heralded by Angels' soft voices singing, "Glory to God in the Highest and on this Earth, Goodwill and peace unto men."

In Bethlehem a King is born unto a mother free of sin, and laid unto a bed of straw and worshipped through an open door by strangers from afar.

And there is symbolism in this act of tender humility. For it is God's plan that His Son, shall come into this world as many do, possessing lesser means.

The King grows up and matures both in Body and Spirit. He walks the dusty roads and byways of that small land unto which He was born. He teaches and He heals. He meditates and He prays. And throughout His ministry He tells all that listen to His Words, "It is through the power of My Father in Heaven , that I work miracles."

Some men believe and some men don't. For they have been born into sin and the chains of sin and their lack of faith cause them to shout, "Show us a miracle." But they do not realize that they are addressing the greatest of God's Miracles.

It may be difficult to comprehend how the people of that time could have sent God, Himself to the Cross, for surely how we would never do such a thing. But this I tell you when we sin we do send Christ Himself back unto that Cross.

And it is with own hands and through our sinful acts that we once again drive spikes of iron through the hands and feet of the Living God.

Jesus the Christ hung upon the cross of wood for us His children. He agonized for us in unspeakable pain, and sorrow, so that we would be free of Satan's grasp.

As His torment and suffering drew to a close the very angels that had heralded His arrival a short time before were on their knees in Heaven in prayer for Him.

Beneath the Cross of Calvary, man were also upon their knees but not in prayer. Rather, they cast lots for His, God's robe. And the Heavens were shaken and trembled as the Spirit of Jesus left His earthly Body. And the world which He had brought light unto, was cast into darkness.

In these times in which you live do not think that these events transpired a long time ago and solely for those who lived then. They transpired as a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and were meant for all men even those of us who read these words.

the robe of Jesus was a seamless garment. So is His Love and His Forgiveness. The Roman soldiers cast lots for the robe of Jesus, rather than divide it by tearing it. So also does God wish to unite those of us His children with His Holy Spirit. He does not wish to divide us and save some of us, rather His Love is without beginning nor end. He wishes to save all of us.

If we wish to understand the symbolism of the cross and the Robe, let us think as such:

There is one God. His love for us is all encompassing. His mercy and His forgiveness are indivisible. The Cross of Christ still exists. It exists in the hearts and the minds of men. We have a choice today. We may through our love of God kneel before the Cross and pray for His love and His forgiveness. Or we may as the soldiers did, kneel before the Cross and cast lots. This time however, we gamble not for the Robe of Jesus, but for something more precious. We cast lots with Satan, and the prize is our immortal soul. Amen.

A Wise Choice

Jesus On The Cross

There is a popular saying at this time that goes like this: "What goes around, comes around." A German philosopher a long time ago said, "When they burn books, they soon burn people." This past generation has been a witness to the wisdom and the prophetic quality of his words, for the Holocaust which spread across Europe in the late 30's and 40's bore witness to his warning.

If we are to hearken to the words of present-day philosophers, they tell us this: wherever or whenever the quality of life of even one is sacrificed, and the principles of economic or social expediency are put before the preservation of human life, the society which subscribes to, or fosters or condones such actions is saying to it's citizens, "Death is to be allowed" if it is the choice of those who give life or of those who legislate law.

And if we are to believe that the legacy of death of the preborn which we leave to our children will not apply to us, then we are mistaken. For we as adults have made the rules and the laws by which our children shall judge the quality of our lives.

Abortion is a crime and a sin, not only against God, but also a self-imposed sentence against all those who espouse or foster it's continuation. For even if we are not to end it for God's Sake, let us end it for our own sake. Let us "abort abortion."

For how can any society condone the killing of preborn children and at the same time call itself honest and free. For those who are killed in the name of expediency have no voice nor say nor choice as to their fate.

Pro-choice ---yes, I am pro-choice. I believe that a preborn child should have a say as to it's fate. And until that time comes when it does, I would pray that all mothers of preborn children and all the citizens and legislators of the country, first call themselves prolife. For if we are prolife for those yet born, there is hope for the lives of those of us whose mothers were prolife. And we are here today because they were.